Monday, January 18, 2010

hey, it's me. again.

I used to look forward to talking with you every night.

It’s what what got me out of bed in the morning, it helped scribble some colour into the otherwise depressing, grey monotony that is my life. But now, something seems to be overtaking you, stealing from me your attention and your heart and now I’m afraid to even call you for fear that you won’t pick up. I’m glad that you’re moving on with your life and continuing to be happy, I really am, I’m just a little sad that I’m one of the things you decided to leave behind.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shredded Shirt

again, my DIY project :



*kenapa mukaku keliatan aneh yaa?
ah, sudahlah
jangan liat mukanya, yang penting liat bajunya :D
how is it guys?

i want to

fallin love again.....


it's just flat

lagi2 lamaa update-nyaa
so sorry dear readers :P
my life's just being flat lately
palingan cuman uas, kerja, lalalala

temen2 suda ada yang lulus skripsi nih,
ngiri juga sih
sempet mikir, harusnya kemaren aku bisa juga lulus 3,5 taun
but then i realize,
that's just my fault
if only i being consistence this semester, i believe that i can reach it
it's my laziness

tapi di samping itu juga aku bersyukur karena uda dikasi kesempatan buat dapetin apa yg aku pengen selama ini, being an announcer
walaupun lumayan hectic awalnya, sampe harus tidur di studio segala, but i'm happy!
yaayyy, i'll do my best here! :D

Office mates :)