Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pasar Malam = Night Market

hell-o snacky girl!

yesterday i got nothing to do at home, so i decided to visit Poet's house.
as usual, we're gossiping, we tried my new programs for photo-editing, and of course, snacking! haha (poet served me frozen berries and blackforest, ouch!)
oh, and we cooked to, cream soup! yumm!

i love the frozen-berries!

after hours, we got bored, and decided to go to Pasar Malam!! yayy!

for the time being, i know that there's a Pasar Malam near her house but i never really went there.
for years, i just went trough it.
well, last night, finally i went there!!!
there are lots-lots-lots-lots of stall, and you can find anything!
yes, anything!
foods, snacks, juices, dolls, toys, craft utensils, glasses, shoes, clothes, posters, cd's, lingeries, even merry-go-round!
too bad my camera's low-batt so i can't take more photos.
i found a cute spotted-rayban glasses, and i can't help, there's no reason not to bought it since the price is only IDR 11,000!
and guess what, i got what i want in my recent post : COTTON-CANDY!!!!
oh, i promise i'll be back and take more-more-more photos.

cotton-candy-man :)

the cute rayban sunglasses

oh, sweet-sweet-sweet

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